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The Hardest Lil’ Women yet, sorority babes anyone would drool over – fucked for initiation. Some are so thin; they are picked up in the air for rectal rotations- real gasping female orgasms. At the pool, the cuties practice new found bisexuality by licking each others tushies and bungholes- they grab dudes in the pool and strip then, sharing cocks like lollipops. These guys all get to fuck the huge sorority in the pool, one of the best orgies ever had – the lil women working on more pennies than they have ever seen before, wagging tongs for loads of cum. At the disco, all dressed up, the mall rats strip for their friends and practice anal orgies. Even in the public movie theatre, the girls lap scrotums and let dudes put their dicks in their dripping rectums – they even strip and fuck the fraternity’s most popular pledge. An expert initiation into Lil’ Women!!

Lydia Chanel (as Julia Chanel), Draghixa, Jennifer Loca, Marianna, Ashley Davidson (as Wendy), Christoph Clark, Eric Weiss, Wilfried De Renzi









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